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Vaastu Shastra or the science of architecture is one of India’s oldest sciences. Important elements of Vaastu Shastra are directions and natural energy in the form of sunlight, wind, fire and water. It is important to apply these fundamentals in architecture, in order to enhance the lifestyle and well-being of families.

A simple example
The morning sunlight is a rich source of Vitamin D, which is highly beneficial to health. However, if your house has a high wall on the eastern side, it blocks the good energy from reaching you.  This is one of many reasons why it is important to design your house according to the principles of Vaastu Shastra. These principles should be followed, to avoid Vaastu Dosh, caused by bad ergonomics and ambience.

Guidance by Vaastu Urjaa
We interpret Vaastu Shastra in a simple but different manner.

Water is a substance that immediately absorbs all negative elements and vibrations present in your home, office or factory. Scientifically, a little humidity is required in any room; the place should not be too dry or too moist.

We analyze the water in the place, which reveals the sector of negative radiation and the missing good vibrations.

We understand that it is really difficult for you to carry out any major modifications according to Vaastu Shastra. So we aim to give you simple but 100% effective solutions without the necessity for alterations.

The influence of a house on the family

The energy radiating from each direction will have different effects on people living in the house.

For example, a problem in the southeast direction can hamper the wealth of the family and the health of women, causing knee problems or weight problems. In a factory or office, such negative energy may slow down business growth and affect finances.

Negative radiation from the southwest direction may cause relationship issues, court cases, sudden accidents and so on. To avoid such problems, it is important to analyze your present home or new home according to the principles of Vaastu Shastra.

To know more about how Vaastu Shastra can enhance and even transform your life, make an appointment with Vaastu Urjaa today.

Solutions for Builders

Every plot of land has a story to tell. It can possess positive or negative energy, generated by the incidents that occurred there in the past. This is related to the happiness and prosperity of its occupants.

While buying the land, it is important to understand the energy it generates. Vaastu Urjaa steps in right at this stage.

Pre-purchase Stage

Water from the land can reveal clues about the quality of energy. The water will be analyzed by us, and the results will help you to decide whether to buy the land.

Construction Stage

According to the principles of Vaastu Shastra, directions are a very important element in construction. Each direction radiates a different kind of energy, which may have positive or negative effects, and the position of doors and rooms should be determined on the basis of Vaastu principles.  

The colour of paint is another factor to be considered. Some colours have a positive wavelength and create a happy aura. They draw people to them. They impress customers at first sight.

At Vaastu Urjaa, we suggest the right colours for your building, which can promote faster sales, and create better health & wealth, first to the builders, and extend the benefits lifelong to the customers. 

Solutions for Corporates

Do you have excellent educational qualifications and good past experience, yet face difficulties in your office? Do you seem to lack energy, physically and mentally?

Did you do well when you were in a small office, but saw your performance suffer when you moved to a bigger office?

It can all be traced down to negative energy in the premises. The source of negative energy can be the construction, arrangement of the furniture, or the employees, who tend to have both positive and negative qualities. These factors can disturb the peace and balance in the workplace.

It is crucial to achieve the right energy balance in the office, after a thorough study of the premises, and to create an aura that is harmonious and result oriented.

Vaastu Urjaa uses Alternative Energy Knowledge & Talent to create balance in a corporate company. We conduct an energy audit, analyzing every element, right from the logo, signage, colours, to the kind of water present in the building. We aim to energize the entire work area, rearrange elements according to directional principles, and other modifications.  

When you apply the Vaastu Shastra principles in your office, you will soon experience benefits that will restore the positivity in your workplace. Here are some of the real benefits that can be achieved:

  • A healthy and friendly atmosphere
  • Higher productivity
  • Less absenteeism
  • Stable flow of work even in the time of recession
  • Happy clients

Case History
A manager in a big firm called us and explained that he felt very exhausted as early as
11 am every day. We asked, ‘Do you sleep well?’ He replied, ‘I get sound sleep and feel fresh in the morning, but I don’t know what happens after that, because whatever I plan for the day cannot be completed and my work gets prolonged. Even a 20-minute job takes days to get done.’
While investigating the case, we found that his office cabin was painted light blue and that he used a leather executive chair. Could these have affected his health? Yes.

Light blue colour has a tranquilizing effect. The leather in the chair had a negative effect, draining out all his energy. He acknowledged that he developed back pain after sitting in the chair. He replaced his chair soon. We checked if it balanced the energy in his cabin, and the results were not only positive, but truly created a transformation. Three months after he implemented the changes, he received an award from Microsoft for best performance.