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The Science of Energy, "science of construction", Vaasthu shashtra is a traditional Hindu system of design based on directional alignments. "A science of alignments of directions with planets,time and space". It has been in existence for over 5000 years.
Vaastu Shastra is the involvement of various principles in the construction of building and the way of living with peace in nature along with the environment, by equalizing the nature's five elements namely Space, Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. Vaastu Shastra can also be referred to as the SCIENCE OF ENERGY that integrates all five nature's elements and counterweights with man and material.

There are many symptoms affecting an individual when there is a wrong element. It creates prolonged sickness, fatigue and tiredness, unnecessary negative imagination coupled with fear of unknown, always being pessimistic and a tensed feeling all the time in mind. Also, there would be downs in money flow, losses in business, legal or law suit problems, property disputes, lack of motivation, stale, continuous arguments with spouse, partner etc and on the whole a feeling of bad luck pesters the mind .
Every creation of God plays a perfect role in the universe… yet we notice imperfections in ourselves and our lives. Let us remember that God can never go wrong. Our body and mind have self-healing properties, & when we achieve complete well-being, we experience enhanced quality of living.More...
Vaastu Guru Jothiganesh is an experienced practitioner of Alternative Medicine.  Jothiganesh strongly believes that God is the ultimate creator and that God cannot make mistakes. The almighty made the human body a perfect self-healing machine and provided supporting elements in the form of nature. More...
In Vaastu urjaa, we first work out the root cause of imbalances in the building. Then use the Techniques for correction of imbalances without making any demolitions (in 98% buildings) in the built-up structure.More...
To make our global presence felt with the purpose of spreading awareness of Vaastu Urjaa for the growth of an individual and at an organizational level; we aim to do this through publications, practical training , In next three years would like to touch at least a hundred lives and improve them.More...
Each hurdle in the process of evolution is unnatural; Nature is desperate for your growth each moment and keeps all her powers and resources ready all the time. With Vaasthuurjaa, you can not only experience the state of bliss yourself but also make this world more blissful & beautiful for others.More...