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• Eating a solid diet of healthy foods like grains and cereals has been part of our Indian culture for many years now. But what helps our body stay strong and nourished from within can also benefit us from the outside.

• Each small piece of grain has the ability to cure you even when just kept at a particular spot on your body. Such is the power of Single Grain Therapy.

• Eating grains and cereals helps us stay healthy from within, but did you know that they deliver incredible health benefits even when placed in specific parts of body?

• Problems such as back pain, infertility, spondylitis, severe cold, rheumatism, stomach ailments, etc. can all find therapy with this method.

For instance, if you stick a single grain of Pigeon Pea, commonly known as Tuvar or Toor dal, on your back with a micro-pore medical tape, you can effectively cure back pain. Or if you have stomach pain and diarrhea, you can place a single full Kaala Channa (Bengal gram) in your navel and cure all your ailments!

Documented Case Studies

• A middle-aged woman visited Vaastuurjaa seeking a cure for Spondylitis that had been bothering her for over 2 years. In spite of having tried various forms of medical treatment, the neck stiffness and pain persisted.

• She came to us hoping for a solution on the recommendation of her family doctor. After examination, Shri Jothiganesh found out the real reason behind the severe neck pain, something that other medical tests and examinations could not find. The cause for her on-going Spondylitis was her gold chain.

• As per Vaastuu Shastra healing techniques, we requested her to remove the chain and place a single grain of Black Til (sesame) on her neck. After just two days of following this simple instruction, she called us back to tell us that her pain was completely gone!

• This is the miraculous power of Single Grain Therapy on us.

• Wheat, Rice, Black Til, Channa, Tuvar, Moong etc. are all part of our weekly grocery list. Have you imagined that they can have such great power over your healing process?