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Here is a truly surprising fact – your saliva can be an indicator of your behavioural pattern and related physical patterns, if the sample is examined correctly. This unique therapy was invented by Vaastu Guru Jothiganesh.

Body Behaviour Therapy
A small sample of your saliva can disclose your basic nature, behaviour, thought patterns and emotions. It also helps us analyze the physical ailments that could be caused by your everyday behaviour, following which we counsel you to help balance your behavioural patterns, and also prescribe remedies for you.

Case History
A young woman visited us and gave a saliva sample without disclosing her problem. When we analyzed the sample, we discovered a lot of disturbance in her behaviour. She was very impatient, holding feelings of anger, fear and had weak body energy. This was revealed to her during one-on-one counseling.

At first she was very surprised that her saliva revealed her complete behaviour. We then explained that such behaviour might create acidity and reproductive problems. Then she revealed that she was undergoing emotional problems, was recently divorced and that she had not slept properly for months.
She explained that she also experienced fear. She had seen a snake near her house, and the fear had registered deeply in her mind. We prescribed remedies, and in 15 days, she was more relaxed and started enjoying good sleep, undisturbed by fear.

Child Body Behaviour Therapy                                          

Saliva therapy can also be used to diagnose and analyze behavioural patterns in children. We can learn about the initial stages of the child’s growth, any health problems or lack of energy, which can hamper their growth.

This therapy, if used during the early stages of childhood, can help create the right connect between mother and child. It can also help to identify the physical qualities inherited by the child from the mother, based on which we can take preventive and corrective measures.

When a woman is not in the right stage of mind to conceive or wants to abort the child, yet she gives birth to the child, the son or daughter may be rejected in school, love and life.

We at Vaastu Urjaa analyse child behaviour and reasons for such behaviour. For instance, if the child is not able to study properly, we trace the factor that is not allowing the child to study and whether he cannot recall what he studied, or if he has low brain energy. Once the reason for less focus on studies is determined, it can be rectified through simple remedies.